The quintessential "Survival Guide" for critical thinkers living on planet Earth in the 21st Century!
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Hypo Global is a completely "Out of the Box" Blog which portrays an alternative yet objective viewpoint of critical world events. The principle focus is on "How to Survive in the 21st Century" either by avoiding dangerous key world events, handling difficult situations or preparing for the unexpected. 

Hypo Global offers readers fascinating insights and universal perspectives for guidance, something that you are unlikely to see in the mass media today!

The goal is simply to generate a greater awareness of how things actually are on planet earth, especially at a time of great awakening. In the quest for truth there are always grey areas and at Hypo Global we ask you to take nothing on face value and we encourage every individual reader to make their own research and come to their own conclusions.

We trust that you enjoy Hypo Global and if you would like to contribute (no obligation) to our bandwidth, simply donate by clicking the relevant button on the right hand side bar.

If you would like to contribute material, simply use the comment feature.

Enjoy Hypo Global!

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