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The year 2012 is upon us and making sense of its associated prophecies, theories, counter theories, conspiracies in addition to the absence of proper consideration within the mainstream Media, is becoming increasingly challenging for the average man in the street. 

At Hypo Global we took it upon ourselves to make a study of the related facts, theories and tangible evidence with the aim to present it in a simple easy to understand way. The editor and supporting writers would also like to create a source for their families and friends in order to generate awareness.

Whatever you see written within the posts of Hypo Global or anywhere else on the 2012 subject, as a naturally born free individual you should draw your own conclusions and resist any form or conditioning you may be subjected to.

We advise you to view the information from a higher objective place and to let your heart and spirit make the final conclusion along with a dose of inner common sense.

Whatever happens we will close on one important concept. Ultimately, whatever happens you will be faced with a simple choice "Fear" or "Love".

Try to observe how fear is expressed through thoughts, feelings, security, insurance, threats, voice tone, actions and Media. It surrounds and conditions us from the cradle to the grave. Try to step back or rise above and recognize when fear manifests itself.

Look inside yourself and choose love!

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