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Western mass media conditioning or critical thinking? it’s your choice!

Are you conditioned to believe what the Mass Media of your culture is telling you? Alternatively, are you perhaps a critical thinker? This is very the question, we all need to ask ourselves, if we are going to truly wake up as a race.

Some 60 years or so ago all the Media including television was divided amongst no less than 86 corporations in the Western World and whilst there were always biased perceptions on many sides, all one had to do was move around and change channels to better understand the bigger picture.

The situation has progressively worsened and it’s becoming ever harder to appreciate a balanced view of world events from the highly controlled and conditioned news sources of the West, even if we live in a 24-hour news coverage world. So to the uninformed, the world appears to be a completely different story to the reality we are presented with.

The reason for this is that today the mass media of the West is a well-oiled machine, which has been boiled down to just 6 western mainstream TV and print Media corporations, all of which are controlled by the same forces. Control of what information is given to the mass public and how it is presented, has never been so carefully stage-managed, meaning that the objectivity and reliability of such information is at the very least highly questionable and spoon-fed.

One only needs to be slightly aware to remember the so called weapons of mass destruction story, how 9/11 was presented, the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the proxy overthrow of Libya followed by its destruction and today’s ongoing proxy war in Syria, where CIA and Saudi (plus there cooperators) funded Muslim extremists to invade the country from different persuasions.

Imagine this, in the Western world there are now only 2 fundamental sources of information that feed the controlled Media, which are Reuters and the Associated Press. Did you know that Reuters owns the Associated Press and both are owned by the Rothchilds?

So how can you liberate your mind from this virtual mind control and obtain a more balanced or objective viewpoint of the world, which always demonizes certain perceived and conditioned enemies without presenting the true and honest big picture facts of world affairs? Thankfully, we have the Internet, which has given rise to a plethora of information sources.

Of course with no much information out there, naturally you will come across some false flags and misinformation, however the same could be aid for the mainstream Media. There are many websites and news sources, which offer reliable information from reputable sources.

Please do not take our word for it, make your own investigations, but whatever course of action you take, do not believe everything you hear from one source of Media, as its often unbalanced, untrue and heavily construed to make you perceive the world in a certain way.

Here below are some alternative sources of news in English to compare your information with from typically Western channels:
Watch LIVE News + these shows: Sputnik, Keizer report, Crosstalk & Politicin:
Try this
Watch the Western Media and then compare it to the above sources. Make up your own mind to form an objective and balanced view, using some critical thinking; and the world will be a better place!

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