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Sergeant Clifford Stone's UFO Witness Testimony

Sergeant Clifford Stone tells an amazing story about the history of UFOs and extraterrestrials dating back to the early 1940s and probably before. General Douglas MacArthur organized a group called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit back in 1943 to study this issue and it continues to this day.

Their purpose is to recover objects of unknown origin particularly those that are of non-Earthly origin. They obtain field intelligence information and pass it on to those who are the "keepers of this information". Stone says that even Project Bluebook had an elite investigation unit that was outside Bluebook. this unit was thought to be working in conjunction with Bluebook but in fact was not. Stone has seen living and dead extraterrestrials himself in his official duties on an army team that retrieved crashed ET craft. He thinks that the extraterrestrials will not permit us to explore the depths of outer space until we've learned to grow spiritually.

Watch the following video for Stone's interview on UFOs by Sirius Disclosure:

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