The quintessential "Survival Guide" for critical thinkers living on planet Earth in the 21st Century!
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1. The law of Free Will

In its most fundamental and easy to understand form the Law of Free Will operates in essential 3 ways as follows:

1. Free Will to avoid pre-determinism
While many major events are considered the be astrologically pre-determined, it is possible to mitigate the impact or transcend past the event entirely without impact, if you give grace and learn from past lessons in this lifetime.
2. Master Life Awareness
As a one attains master life awareness, it will become increasingly possible to be far less affected from world events. For example negative energy will run through you but not affect you.

3. Positive Choices
You cannot always choose what life brings to you, however  you can choose how you respond. You always have Free Will to decide how you respond to any situation that life presents. Positive responses to each situation will prevent similar situations from occurring again in the future.

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