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Ecuador examines the asylum case of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder

At the time of writing Julian Assange is located somewhere inside the Embassy of Ecuador, where he is seeking diplomatic asylum to avoid being sent to Sweden to face accusations of rape and assault, which he categorically denies. Moreover, it is widely understood that if Julian Assange is sent to Sweden it would likely lead to being sent to the US to face charges over Wikileaks, for which he potentially could end up with the death penalty.

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa indicated that his country would make a "sovereign decision" after carefully examining what real danger there is to Julian Assange. He went onto state that Ecuador would need to be cautious over the matter. Ecuador staunchly defends the right to live and if officials decide that there is danger of death for Mr Assange, the country could well accept his application.

Meanwhile, Julian Assange is reported to be in good spirits as he enters his 3rd night in limbo at the Embassy, waiting for his application is being considered.

The concept of WikiLeaks has published a mass of leaked diplomatic cables that embarrassed several governments and international businesses.

Last week, 7 judges at the Supreme Court of he UK dismissed Julian Assange's attempt to reopen his extradition appeal as being "without merit". The Swedish case is about 2 female ex-Wikileaks volunteers alleged in 2010 that he had attacked them while he was in Stockholm to give a lecture. No charges were ever filed however, and Julian Assange claims the sex was purely consensual in addition to the fact that the allegations made are politically motivated.

Assange still has until the 28th of June to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. His lawyer, namely Dinah Rose, indicated that he was considering this option.

The main questions arising from this case are as follows:

  1. Is Julian Assange the worlds greatest defender of Free Speech and Transparency or a simple Sex Offender?
  2. Does the public have the right to know what really goes on behind the scenes in Government and War, which reflects how responsibly public money is spent?
  3. Has Assange and Wikileaks compromised security in the US, which could have an impact on lives?
  4. Is the US really scheming to collaborate with Sweden to bring Assange to justice in the US or is the Swedish case a genuine one. 
  5. If Assange is innocent of the Swedish case, will the potential collusion between the US and Sweden in addition to the potential fabrication of the Swedish case be investigated? 
Perhaps we will never truly know the answers to these questions. Either way Julian Assange is a charismatic figure that is polarizing opinion across the world. He did at least make us all aware of certain realities that we would have otherwise be blind to whatever you think of him. 

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