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Sting's sending out an SOS to the forests

Thirty years ago, Sting wrote Message In A Bottle, and today he has joined forces with The Prince's Rainforests Project to send his SOS to the world.

If we continue down the same path of destruction for another 30 years, we could be faced with the devastating reality of losing the rainforests all together.

Click here to watch Sting's Rainforest SOS message.

1 comment:

juliathestar said...

As you know, rainforest destruction is one of the burning issue of our time.  Emergency action will be needed to prevent run-away climate change.  You can tell the world to stop tropical deforestation by sending a Rainforest SOS.  Many have already done so, but every voice counts. I encourage you to visit The Prince’s Rainforest Project where you can watch videos featuring HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry as well as Harrison Ford, the Dalai Lama, Daniel Craig and Robin Williams. Each supporter appears in the film, with a very cool 3D  Argentinean Horn Frog - the project’s rainforest ambassador. The website also allows you to create your own video, so you can share your Rainforest SOS  message with others. Go on get frogged- please check it out now

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