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The Green belt of earth!

Rainforests wrap around the earth like a green belt, and make her even more beautiful, but for how long?
Rainforests have been on earth for millions of years, and they are the most biologically ecosystems on our planet.
Tropical rainforests contain thousands of different kinds of plants and trees, and offer shelter to animals and job to people; but there are not only precious for the nations in which they are found, but to whole humanity and planet as they provide vital ecosystem benefits for the whole world , especially when it comes to climate change, where they have a crucial role.
Rainforests absorb almost a fifth of the world’s man –made CO2 emissions every day.
Destroy of rainforests in increasing rabidly, due to destructive logging operations and conversion the land for farming use.
If we don’t take action and fast, we could lose another million hectares of tropical forests over the next 10 years. That’s an area the size of Egypt!!
Saving the rainforests will give the world a better chance to achieve its goal of stopping climate-change.
At the same time, we help millions of people to stay alive, as over one billion of the poorest people of earth depend on the rainforests for their livelihoods.

Do you still wondering?

Christina Nikolaou

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