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Is Bio fuel is meeting its E.U goal?

The European biodiesel output is expanding too slowly and the replacement of transport fuel by 2020 might be unsuccessful, or at least too slow.

European production grew 35.7 % last year to 7.7 million metric tons, an increase largely due to France production.

On the other hand the European Union needs 33 million metric tons of bio fuel by 2020 in order to succeed on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Also the 2 major producing nations Germany and Austria in last 2 years produced far below the quantities needed and it’s unknown whether or not they are able to achieve an increase in their production.

Additionally soaring food prices encouraged European Farmers to plan more grain instead of bio fuel crops last year. That’s another issue which decreased the quantity of bio fuel.

To end we can only hope that the E.U and companies will find a way forward for the mass production of bio fuel, so we can reach our goals.

Christina Nikolaou


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