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RECYCLING: A matter of survival

A Century ago an average house needed just 150 objects in order to live and survive in perceived relative comfort. In stark contrast today we seem to need more than 20.000 objects in our houses, to feel happy and comfortable! These are the cold hard facts of our over consumption, which demonstrates the reality of the consumer world we live in at the beginning of the 21st Century.

The crucial question is. "What happens when the end of an era comes for each respective object?" Well sadly, everything some day ends up becoming rubbish and according to statistics, the percentage of the waste, has increased rapidly, particularly in the last few decades.

Can you imagine that some day the earth, our mutual garden, is going to be covered with rubbish on every corner? One can only wonder what more consequences humanity will have to fight, in order to survive? 

Recycling might be one of the solutions, but sincerely speaking we have not yet found a real workable economic and ecological solution to tackle the enormity of this problem. However, there is some light in future super-power countries like China, where recycling has become a way of survival for a better World.

Hypo Global will continue the story of recycling in future articles...

Christina Nikolaou

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