The quintessential "Survival Guide" for critical thinkers living on planet Earth in the 21st Century!
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How to survive Psychological torture

With true introspective thinking, it would be a true to say that as a human race we are extremely fragile. Without the tools and conveniences of the 21st Century the vast majority of us would be lost if faced with the challenge to survive alone in the forest or desert. Worse still, we are emotionally fragile and it appears that in our time all too often the important decisions of life are made in the form of a mere reaction to an emotion rather than out of wisdom or by using our intellectual or spiritual intelligence.

So just take a moment to imagine how you would personally cope with what for many is the greatest fear of all, psychological torture. The following paragraphs provide a direct to the point guide that we would like to peg to your long term memory just in case you need it!

Do not display any weakness

Tormentors generally seek weak individuals following the concept of the path of least resistance; they focus stress, break them down and exploit their fears. To survive you must resist the urge to burst into tears, beg for mercy, flee or even bond with your tormentors.

Live within the moment
Do not focus or worry about what may come next. Do not dwell on what may have just happened. Deal with each horror on its own terms, only as it happens.

Keep your mind highly occupied

Its likely that you may be isolated from the group, kept awake for several days on end, or seemingly singled out for special treatment. In such situations, keep your brain active by recalling the lyrics of all the songs you know, remembering pleasurable experiences or by focusing on the goal of rejoining the group.

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