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How to survive an Earthquake

Earthquakes are the devil of Mother Nature and for humans they can prove to be life threatening in some cases and at best most unsettling. The very ground and foundations beneath physically shakes and everything in ones surrounding trembles.

In our era on Planet Earth and as the phenomenon of “Global Warming” looms, it serves to remind us that as humans we do not yet completely control nature. It appears we cannot even reliably predict when an earthquake will strike either.

We must therefore plan for the what may in many regions of the world be the inevitable and learn how to survive an earthquake. Here below is a step by step simplified guide of what to do if an earthquake occurs in the 21st Century near you.

1. In the event you are indoors, you must stay there!
Better still get yourself under a desk or table. Move into a doorway. Stay clear of windows.

2.In the event you are outside, get into the open!
Away from buildings, power lines, chimneys and objects that could potentially fall on you.

3. Should you be driving, STOP, but carefully.
Do not stop on or under a bridge, overpass, light posts, under trees, power lines, or signs. Stay inside your car and do nothing until the shaking stops.

4. After the quake stops, check for injuries and apply necessary first aid - seek help.
Don’t attempt to move injured people unless they are in further danger of injury.

5. Check for hazards
Beware of items falling off any shelves especially when you open closet and/or cupboard doors. Be vigilant to clean up any spilled medicines, drugs, or other harmful materials such as bleach first. Its critical that you do not use matches, lighters, camp stoves. barbeques, electrical equipment or appliances until you are sure there are absolutely no gas leaks. Also do not eat or drink anything from open containers near shattered glass. If you see a downed power line or any objects in contact with them do not touch them.

6. Be prepared for aftershocks.
Another potential quake, even greater or hopefully smaller, may well follow. This is a common case scenario.

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