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An Open Letter to Mankind Regarding Gaza by Max Igan

There simply are no words to describe the unprecedented slaughter and level brutality being aimed at 1.8million besieged Palestinian refugees by the Zionist forces of Israel in this 2014 Ethnic Cleansing of the Gaza Strip.

What we are seeing is an unprecedented bloodbath. The brutal and sadistic murder of people, all civilian, mostly women and children and all innocent of any crime. And these people are not just being killed, these innocents are being brutally slaughtered and hideously wounded using experimental weapons that maim horribly. These are the wounds of nightmares. Wounds that doctors have never seen before. Banned chemical and new experimental weapons, the use of each, constituting a war crime. Each one of these weapons are being used on CHILDREN, and each are designed to inflict MAXIMUM PAIN AND SUFFERING. These exotic weapons are being wielded by a sadistic army of what can only be psychopaths, and who seem bent on killing as many of Palestinians as they can, and in as brutal and hideous a manner as they are able. And it is happening while the entire world watches.

There simply are no words.

Make no mistake folks THIS IS TERRORISM!

The National Board of Directors of Veterans for Peace will deliver a letter to Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer this afternoon. The letter states, “As veterans who have witnessed the horror of war, we are deeply outraged by the state of Israel’s slaughter of many innocent civilians in Gaza. The military assault against children, women and men, by air, by sea and now by land, is a clear violation of international laws of war and of human rights. More than 1200 (this figure is constantly rising) Palestinians have been murdered, almost all of them civilians, nearly a quarter of them children. Tens of thousands are wounded, including thousands of children.

“Veterans For Peace joins millions of people all around the globe who are shocked by this vicious, one-sided slaughter. We understand the huge injustice of the Israeli occupation. Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed from their homes and forced to live in the Occupied West Bank, or in the open-air prison that is Gaza.

“Mr. Ambassador, please remind the government of Israel of the billions of dollars in aid that is provided to Israel by the United States. Veterans For Peace will push for an end to all military aid to Israel until such time as the Israeli occupation gives way to real peace negotiations based on the human rights of all the people concerned.”

Israel and its terrorist government MUST be condemned and held for war crimes for its ethnic cleansing of the Gaza strip. AS MUST ANY GOVERNMENT THAT IS IN SUPPORT OF THIS GENOCIDE!

This must be done because bottom line is that if you support the current Israeli incursion into Gaza, then you are someone who supports ethnic cleansing. To support the state of Israel in this so called "war" is to support this: Video

The Use of Banned Chemical and Experimental Weaponry
The weapons being used in the current Israeli incursion into the Gaza strip easily confirms that the battle plan of the Netanyahu government towards the civilians in Gaza is Genocide. Pure and simple. Israel wants no survivors from this one. It wants no witnesses to its crimes. Each weapon used in this slaughter is designed to kill with maximum damage, maximum brutality and maximum pain and suffering. What Israel is doing right now, is truly the most hideous of war crimes of the modern age... Google these terms: (there's more but standard fare for this incursion is) "DIME Munitions". "Flechette Bombs" and "White Phosphorus". Google all of those terms and see what we are dealing with here. DIME and Flechette munitions dont just kill, they literal shred the victim in the most gruesome and painful manner imaginable. Look at these weapons and what they do and understand the pure evil of these weapons... weapons such as these could only be invented by a psychopath for only the most evil psychopathic mind could dream them up... and then clearly understand that this is what the forces of "we don't target civilians" Israel is using against the imprisoned, impoverished and defenceless women and the 900,000 children of the Gaza strip as you read this message.


Some reports from dear friends on the ground
The Israeli tanks shelled on Shuhada'a AlAqssa hospital killing at least 4 Palestinians who were getting treatment in the hospital. Another estimated 40 injuries where reported. The operating rooms and Oxygen chambers has stopped working after getting destroyed in this attack, putting the life of hundreds of patients in danger !! This is the third hospital in Gaza the Israel attacks !! Unbelievable - Noor Harazeen in Gaza

Massacres ! The Israeli occupation forces are now randomly targeting civilians, latest attack was when the Israeli warplanes raided on a building killing 11 people most of them are children ! Only today Israel killed 90 Palestinians, bringing up the death toll in Gaza to 555 and more than 3200 injuries reported - Noor Harazeen

Good morning from Gaza, we were confirmed that the Israeli tanks targeted a UN school !! I mean seriously were should the people in GAZA evacuate ?! Hospitals have been targeted, mosques too and now the UN schools !! can someone please help us and propose a safe Place where the Israeli forces won't attack ?! - Noor Harazeen
Photo \ Israel attacking UN school with "white phosphors bombs"

Today i went to middle Gaza strip to show you the latest Israeli targets. Please watch and share widely to expose the Israeli forces claims of " NOT TARGETING CIVILIANS ". We went to a hospital, UNRWA school, mosque and a residential building - Noor Harazeen

Today i went out to the streets facing all danger, to show you the latest Israeli targets. Please watch and share widely to expose the Israeli forces claims of " NOT TARGETING CIVILIANS ". We went to a hospital, UNRWA school, mosque and a residential building - Noor Harazeen.

The Final update from a friend in gaza, a 20 year old university student
People in my area have now fled their homes. A mosque demolished as an airstrike hit it. The nearby houses partly damaged due to this airstrike. Al-Aqsa hospital was hit by tank shelling, 5 killed and tens injured; doctors and patients were among them. Some houses were directly targeted. A UN school was also partly damaged. Water containers and pipes were damaged there. No power nor water yet. I personally have now reached my relatives' home were the shelling is not that heavy. My family have fled to other relatives' home. Now, five families are in the same house; 30 members approximately, in a very small house. mostly children and women. The situation is getting worse and worse. People are fleeing their homes by the thousands but there is nowhere to hide, no safe place. All who do not leave are being massacred by Israeli forces. Only civilians are dying due to this barbarous offensive. Now they are dropping gas bombs on us, this gas smells strange, does anyone know what it is? Please pray for the people of Palestine.

A Heartwrenching Letter from a Norweigian Doctor in Gaza

Killing masses of people, mostly women and children (around 60% of the population in Gaza is children in such a brutal fashion is unacceptable under any circumstances and the State of Israel MUST be held accountable for this war crime. If you have that little regard for life that you support this then you are one very sick person.

Make no mistake, THIS IS TERRORISM!
The horror and sheer brutality of the deliberate and wanton slaughter of innocence seen in the blatant ethnic cleansing currently unfolding in the Gaza strip by the forces of Israel, has truly been the biggest litmus test for truth and decency since 911. There can no longer be doubt in anyone's mind that Israel is rogue state, a terrorist state and is quite literally the gravest threat to peace and freedom that exists in the world today.

The silence and indifference to this massive and hideous rampage of murder by Israel by many so called "champions of truth and freedom" has also been a much needed litmus test. The most evil force on this earth has at last revealed itself... and the world is beginning to pay attention

The outrage to this genocide is global, and the fact that our governments are paying no heed should be of great concern to all.

This is indeed terrorism of the most brutal, the most evil and the most psychopathic kind. We should all pause to consider that there has been a gradual militarization of the worlds police forces to an alarming degree in recent years, and if a WAR CRIME of this magnitude and level of brutality is allowed to be carried out in 2014 by a democratic nation and stand unchallenged, then make no mistake about it, it will soon be coming to a town near you.

So now is the time for you to make your choice. Do not be led down the garden path of the new age by false prophets and spellmasters of psychobabble. The time has now come for you to look to your own heart and to lead yourself, for if the people do not stand for what is right in this moment, then the way of Palestine will be the way of the world.

"Bring me a Palestinian Christian from Galilee, and I will show you some of the purest Jewish blood on the planet." - Martin Buber of the Hebrew University

Please share this letter everywhere.
Max Igan

A spokesman for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees breakdown on camera

A spokesman for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees could not contain his grief on Wednesday after appearing on Al Jazeera Arabic to discuss the shelling of a UN-run school earlier in the day.

With the cameras rolling, UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness breaks down into tears after discussing the attack.

Are we moving into the 5th Dimension?

If you Google the words "What is the 5th Dimension?", the top search will lead to a web definition about about the freedom swinging 1960's American popular music band, called the "5th Dimension". 

Sounds like a false lead, however I remember this band well, even though I was just a young boy at the time. One song in particular called "Age of Aquarius/Let the sunshine in" captivated me, like it was a kind of message from another time. This song has strangely for an unexplainable reason been ringing in my ears. I felt compelled to listen to it on YouTube often. Then I read the lyrics, which are clearly trying to say something. 

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation

The interesting thing here is that many Spiritualists believed the 21st of December 2012 date marking the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, would actually bring in the "Age for Aquarius" otherwise known by some as the "Golden Age". During this time with the help of new energy we were supposed to move from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th and the 5th Dimension (the process of Ascension).

So what are all of these Dimensions about I hear you say? Well in the most simplistic form, here is a quick low down...
  1. The 1st Dimension is simply the space occupied by distance. 
  2. The 2nd Dimension is that same space with the extra Dimension of Height added. Until recently all films were in 2D. Pictures and Photos for example are in the 2nd Dimension realm. Think about it for a moment, when we say someone is shallow or takes things on face value only, it means they are in the 2nd Dimension and lack depth. After all we once thought that the world was flat, which is a 2 Dimensional concept!
  3. The 3rd Dimension is the space occupied by distance, height and depth. A cube for example is the best way to visualise the 3rd Dimension. We live in a world of 3 dimensions, I hear you say! However, in reality, its not that we live in a 3D world, in truth we only perceive 3 dimensions, but more are out there. 3D Movies are not actually in 3D by the way, instead such films are camera and filming tricks (sometimes with the control of a lens) to make us perceive 3D. 
  4. The 4th Dimension thanks to Einstein, is closely linked to Time. Special Relativity shows that Time behaves surprisingly like the 3 spatial dimensions. Most Humans alive today however still think as time being linear, which is Newtonian Time and proved wrong by Einstein's Special Relativity. The only Time we have is now. The past does not exist (it existed) and the future has not happened yet. According to Julian Barbour (a physicist from Cambridge, England) Time, as we perceive it, does not exist as anything other than an illusion, and that a number of problems in physical theory arise from assuming that it does exist. 
  5. Abstract 5th Dimensional space occurs frequently in mathematics and is a legitimate construct. Whether or not the real Universe in which we live is 5 Dimensional, is a topic that is debated and explored in several branches of physics, including astrophysics and particle physics. The 5th Dimension is therefore a hypothetical extra Dimension beyond the usual 3 spatial dimensions and one time Dimension of Relativity. The 2 most common theories linked to the 5th Dimension and within the realm of quantum physics are the "Field" and the "Holographic Universe".
Now to the question of the title. Are we moving into the 5th Dimension? No-one on earth can give you a truly accurate response to that. However, what we can tell you is that many highly respected quantum physicists are telling us, based on the latest research, that we are living in a hologram - that our reality is a virtual image, an illusion, that isn't real.

Welcome to the 5th Dimension!
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