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Trance Formation by Maxwell Igan - Wake Up Planet Earth!

Hypo Global encourages all readers to view the above spectacular film created by Maxwell Igan, called “Trance-Formation”. This 7 part innovative film depicts with how the magical eco-system on planet earth that once lived in harmony transformed into the current chaos caused humans.

Although ancient man once enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with nature, for modern man this relationship has long since disappeared. Igan also projects the future as an age of the “Trans Humanism” and demonstrates how this process is already reflected within the things we ordinarily do on a daily basis.

Let hope this film will wake a few more people up from being disconnected to what is really going occurring on planet earth.

Our society: Everything is backwards; everything is upside down

With the advent of the economic crisis spreading through the west, in parallel a slow awakening is taking place. People throughout the US and EU are beginning to wake to the understanding that their respective Governments' are not as sincere or correct as they profess to be. Just look at the weapons of mass destruction scandal in Iraq, the subsequent war, the massive unnecessary loss of lives, the financial cost and the reality on the ground today. Afghanistan is a similar story.

Today most of the west has woken up to the reality of austerity caused by greedy bankers recklessly squandering depositors money for ever greater false profits to generate irrational bonuses. Governments that long since over-spent, over-borrowed and over-promised for the sake of being popular and obtaining power now see to punish the people.

injustice is everywhere, from the EU commission that totally ignored all the NO votes from member countries to the US Government that despite promises to the contrary maintain the status quo in Guantanemo holding human beings indefinitely without charge or the right to justice.

What is worse, is that it's becoming increasingly clear that this miserable story is played out through the whole of society.  The best way to describe is that our civil society and many of the institutions that shape it is literally upside down or backwards to how is should be. The below quote from Michael Ellner (internationally prominent self-hypnosis educator and co-author of 3 books on self-empowerment) expresses this reality perfectly:

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; 
everything is upside down. 
Doctors destroy health, 
Lawyers destroy justice, 
Universities destroy knowledge,
Governments destroy freedom, 
the major Media destroy information
Religions destroy spirituality"
Michael Ellner

We can only hope that people across our planet start waking up and start taking responsibility into their own hands.

The American Dream according to George Carlin

Now here's an interesting take on the American Dream that should wake a few people up around the world!

Dubbed as the best 3 minutes of his career, George Carlin states in no uncertain terms the reality of the elitist political class in America today.

His classic saying that "the elite are in a Club and we ain't in it" has been repeated by many across the planet, especially in Illuminati speeches and presentaitons about the New World Order.

Please be pre-warned that the language is somewhat rough, however the message is eloquently articulated.

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