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Trance Formation by Maxwell Igan - Wake Up Planet Earth!

Hypo Global encourages all readers to view the above spectacular film created by Maxwell Igan, called “Trance-Formation”. This 7 part innovative film depicts with how the magical eco-system on planet earth that once lived in harmony transformed into the current chaos caused humans.

Although ancient man once enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with nature, for modern man this relationship has long since disappeared. Igan also projects the future as an age of the “Trans Humanism” and demonstrates how this process is already reflected within the things we ordinarily do on a daily basis.

Let hope this film will wake a few more people up from being disconnected to what is really going occurring on planet earth.

200 Flat Earth Proofs in under 2 hours, by Eric Dubay - challenge the status quo!

According to Eric Dubay (a 34 year old American living in Thailand where he teaches Yoga and Wing Chun part time while exposing the New World Order full time), the largest collection of supposed "spinning ball Earth proofs" he could find from NASA amounted to merely 10, all of which Eric claims to have debunked within the contents of the above video.

So brace yourself, as the above video features 20 times the amount of proofs, all of which your Government has never likely paid any attention to or allowed any awareness of. To be clear, the goal of Eric is to assert the rather startling claim that you are NOT living on a spinning ball planet and that perhaps your senses are NOT wrong after all - for example do you feel that the earth spins?

The contents are likely to be both jaw-dropping and eye-opening at the same time! What's more, providing that you are open-minded as well as willing to challenge the status quo of what you have been taught, Eric articulates his case in a most compelling way, so it's most enjoyable if you go with the flow.

At Hypo Global, this very concept of challenges the name of our site or perhaps we are stressing that the people of planet (plane-net) earth are Hyper about Global!

As Eric himself suggests, we propose that you sit down with friends and family to watch this most fascinating documentary and if you like it, share the contents on your social media channels in addition to all your spheres of influence, so we can wake humanity up to what may be one of the greatest deceptions and mother of all conspiracies! At the very least, we should always challenge the status quo!

The trials and tribulations of Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell is still today in many respects the preeminent researcher and independent scholar of the occult world and religious theology. His life works stem back to 1959 and many who have earned popularity today from the Zeitgeist movement to David Wilcock and even David Icke owe many of their phrases, words and concepts to the great master "Jordan Maxwell" who was a close friend of Zaccaria Stichen.

His interest in such non mainstream topics originate initially from when Maxwell served for 3+ years as the Religion Editor of "Truth Seeker Magazine", which happens to be America’s oldest Free thinking Journal (established in 1873). His life-time's work of exploring the hidden nature of Western religions and occult secret societies has generated a global audience, yet he has never been able to turn this into a decent living. In essence his messages on the subject of secret societies (ancient and modern) and their symbols, archetypes and hidden meanings, has literally spellbound spiritually minded people that question more all over the planet.

Jordan Maxwell has conducted multiple revealing seminars; hosted various versions of his own radio talk show; has been a prestigious guest on 600+ radio shows and has written, produced and starred in a plethora of television shows, special interest talks and documentaries (including specials for the CBS TV network and the internationally acclaimed 5-part Ancient Mystery Series) all of which are dedicated to generating understanding of ancient religions and their questionable influence on world affairs throughout the ages.

Yet the journey of Jordan Maxwell who claims to have had Alien contact, has not been a pleasant one in terms of family and fortune. Sadly failed marriages, relationships and entrusting the wrong people to manage his website (these same people stole his identity) left a trial of tragedy as he shared his wisdom openly with the world.

Mindful of the alleged Illuminati agenda, ET interference with our planet and the immaturity of our war hungry leaders the controversial messages of Jordan Maxwell are still today not only fascinating to listen to, but perhaps they could awaken the population if his transmissions reach the mainstream!

The prolific and captivating presentations of Jordan Maxwell encompass a wide range of concepts, theories, supporting documentation and photographs to match, which remains to be a rare insight on the way our world really works. In particular Jordan Maxwell stretches the horizons of thinking in the following fields:
  • Astro-Theology
  • Ancient Symbols & Occult Emblems
  • Ancient Sciences & Technology
  • Foundations of Modern-Day Religion
  • Hidden Bible Teachings & Mysteries
  • History of Politics & Religion
  • Secret Societies & dark Religion
  • Secret Societies influencing World Events
  • Sexual Symbolism within World Religions
  • The Sun, Moon Matrix & Saturn
  • World Mysteries: Ancient and Modern
To find out and read more about Jordan Maxwell go to
Please do not go to to the people that took his identity. YouTube is another great resource to view his work.  
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